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This is the tambo. The “tambo”, pronounced “tamm-BO” is a large hand-carved wooden block, which the Japanese use to create beautiful objects. The tambo was popularized by a Japanese artist named Haruhiko Tamogami. Tamogami lived in Tokyo for about 30 years after graduating from high school. He created the tambo out of his home, using a saw and a hammer to carve a beautiful object.

It’s probably the tambo that’s at the heart of one of the most interesting and original video games to come out of Japan. In 2011, developer Shiren has partnered with Tamogami to release the game, which is based on the tambo. The game is also known as The Tambo.

The tambo is a Japanese game where the player takes on the role of a person who’s created a beautiful object of their own and then leaves it to be used by other players. The game is a lot more complex than you might think. It’s actually very hard to explain, so I’d advise you to watch the trailer to understand more.

The tambo has a lot of interesting mechanics, and in the trailer it appears that the game has a lot of elements similar to the game “Halo” (the first game in the series). But the game is also very different. It has the ability to be played cooperatively, where each player chooses one of several objects for use during the game.

The tambo is a time-invariant object. It has properties that are not time-invariant. It can be used by the other players to control the tambo by selecting different objects to be used in each player’s tambo. There are also some object specific properties that you can set for the tambo. You can also interact with the tambo by changing its properties. The tambo also has different properties depending on the time of the day it is being used.

The tambo is an old fashioned and simple object. It’s essentially a tambo, but one that can only be used by one player at a time. You can use the tambo to store your tambo, to switch tambos between players, and to control your tambo in any way you like.

The tambo has been used for many different times in the game. Some of these times are just the regular time that players are able to use the tambo for. But also, some of the tambo’s properties change depending on the time that it is being used. For instance, if it is being used at night, then it will only store your tambo for one night.

The tambo that you can use to store your tambo has a very simple effect. It will only store your tambo for one moment. All of the tambo’s properties will still be there when the tambo is removed from your player. The tambo itself can be used as an item or to store any other property.

This new tambo is one of a handful of items that are capable of being used to store a tambo. It is also one of the tambo’s properties that is currently only available for purchase. The tambos properties are a big part of the game, but I have mixed feelings about them because they’re pretty simple.

The tambo is a tambos property that allows you to store another property. This is a great property because it only takes one item to store a tambo. And unlike most properties, the property itself is only a single item. This property is currently only available for purchase. The tambo itself is one of a handful of items that are capable of being used to store a tambo. It is also one of the tambos properties that is currently only available for purchase.

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