Are you someone who loves to host a party for your friends and family? Is everyone somewhat mesmerised by the flavorful grilled food that you cook in your backyard and with how your barbeque kitchen is set-up?

Grilling is not an easy job, because it takes lots of patience and some specialisation. If you are a beginner, you may even need a barbeque set-up service. Here is some basic information to help you set up your professional barbeque so that it is well-equipped with the tools and accessories you need to enjoy grilling. If you are the griller who is passionate about having the perfect barbeque set up to share your grill skills, then you are on the right page.

A lot of modern tools are available in the market that can make grilling easier, skilful, and more professional. Out of innumerable tools in the market, the sad part is many of them are low quality and poorly designed. But not to worry; here is a list of professional tools which one can easily buy from a nearby hardware store and barbeque set-up service. 


Propane or Natural gas BBQs heat up quickly. All you need is a standard propane tank for fuel which can provide you 20 hours of cooking time. Gas BBQ grills are well-equipped with extras like a gas gauge, easy-to-empty grease pan, and control knobs that lite up and which will keep your party going late in the evening. 


It’s surely easy to grill on propane gas, but isn’t the smoky flavour of charcoal in the backyard the best part of your summer barbeque? Different charcoals give different flavours to the food. They infuse a woody smoky flavour to your meat, which can’t be replaced with anything else. Lump charcoal is easy to light and burn. It also produces less ash than briquettes. Lump charcoal is easily available at a barbeque assembly service, barbeque set-up service and barbeque store in Toronto.


Professional spatulas can be identified by their flexibility and strength. They are wide, with super-heat-resistant plastic handles and are very comfortable to hold. There are some spatulas in the market with the polypropylene handle that can withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.


 If you want to stay grilling and having fun, an essential tool for your barbecue is a great set of tongs. Tongs come in a variety of handle sizes which can range anywhere between 12″ and 18″. The handle should be comfortable to hold when flipping food and long enough to provide protection from the hot grill heat.  Stainless steel grill tongs are ideal and make sure the pincer design can grip both small vegetables, larger cuts of meat and various textures. Dedicated hangers on the grip of your BBQ tongs is a practical design detail which will provide quick access when hung from your grill’s hangers.  Visit your local bbq store near you and assembly service to assess the right size tongs for you and your barbecue grill.


Cleaning the grill before and after cooking is very important. Clean your grates to protect them from corrosion, rust, and residue build-up to make cooking and handling food on the grill easy. Grill brush can help you clean the grills quickly and easily. There are a variety of grill brushes available in the market and you can use it according to your need and preference. Grab your keys and visit the barbeque store near you and buy this much needed tool for your barbeque. 


Yes, this thing is really expensive, but it’s also really necessary. The fun and taste of the grilled food gets destroyed if it is overcooked or undercooked. You surely wouldn’t want to serve under-cooked grilled food to your friends and family. The Thermapen Instant-Read Thermometer closely observes the grilled food and lets you achieve the perfect temperature for grilling. You can buy a Thermapen Instant-Read Thermometer, at your nearest Fuego Grill- Pollocks BBQs, at a decent price. 


A long-necked lighter is a safe and handy tool when you are cooking a barbeque dinner. It is essential for charcoal or gas grills. A variety of lighters are available in the market, and you can choose the lighter according to your preference from any barbeque store in Toronto. 

This is the list of some essential tools and accessories one needs for their backyard summer night barbeque. Get your professional grilling tools from a barbecue assembly service near you and get ready to demonstrate your professional grill skills to friends and family.

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