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It’s a great idea to have a great place to sit in on a long weekend! My husband and I can’t seem to get along anymore, and it’s always been such a nice place to sit.

I recently discovered the very same place on our home website ( I didn’t know they existed, but I saw one on Pinterest last night and loved it.

It’s actually pretty cool when you consider that it is an actual store that sells the van Hill furniture, which is a high end sofa set that is made in the Netherlands. I like the name, and I like the fact that you can choose to either sit in the chair or the sofa, but we went with the chair.

The main idea is that the chairs and sofas in this set are made in the Netherlands. So its not all that expensive, and also its made from natural wood. Which makes it all the more interesting. I love how the chairs are all different in shape and the sofas are very similar, and it looks so nice and natural. Its also very similar to the woodworking furniture that we are used to seeing in the Netherlands.

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